Clerestory Consulting

Clerestory Consulting is a women-owned, privately held Change Management consulting practice headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, and founded in 2003. Their mission is to provide quality change management to local businesses by providing high caliber customer service and challenging their employees. I met with a Kellstadt Alum, Asad Ali and recruiter Kristin Daus to learn more about their business and what they look for in a candidate.

Clerestory continues to grow and they are in need of full-time consultants to join their team. The 40 person teams leads projects in a variety of industries with regionally based clients which allow for a great work-life balance. The small teams that lead projects consist of consultants and partners, allowing you to learn from one another. Once a project is completed, you’re able to request other projects based on skill sets you would like to grow and develop.

The office is located in Evanston and has a strong Kellstadt presence. They’re looking for people who are flexible and willing to jump in and be involved in the different parts of the project. The hiring process moves fast ranging from 1-3 weeks. In a short span of time, you’ll have worked on various projects where you work from solving the operational issues, developing custom plans, and then leading the change with the client. If you’re interested in learning more please contact Kristin Daus (



“Jellyvision talks people through big life decisions, like selecting a health insurance plan, saving for retirement, managing finances, and navigating a career. Our recipe: behavioral science, cutting-edge tech, great writing, purposeful humor, original animation, and oregano.” That’s the pitch Jellyvision makes to customers who are interested in hiring them as clients. As students, how can you contribute to their mission?

First step: Cover Letter. Cover Letter. Cover Letter. I can not stress enough the importance of having a solid cover letter in your application. Head recruiter, Brian Glickman, shared with me that this was the first piece of information they review in an application before even glancing at the resume. They want you to show your passion and share why you want to work there and how you can contribute to their team.

Next step: Audition. They are looking for people who will be great cultural fits in their roles and demonstrate the skills that are needed to successfully do the job. You’ll be evaluated on this audition and then different team members all decide if you move forward in the process and get hired. This is time for you to shine!

The company’s strongest product, Alex is growing FAST and they’re always looking to expand their teams as more clients start to use Alex in their companies for financial guidance. They have internships and apprenticeships that run from May/June – November with the potential for full-time hiring. Full-time needs are diverse and include analyst positions along with consumer insights role. Opportunities can be found on the Jellyvision website. Last note, they will be at the Kellstadt Career fair on Thursday, October 22nd.

Jellyvision Front Desk


A few weeks ago I visited Discover Financial at their headquarters in Riverwoods and it was quite a sight! The sprawling campus is home to over 3,000 employees and houses teams that work for the credit card, the lending program, Pulse, and many more projects.

In speaking with the Human Resources team, the greatest need for talent is in the following areas: Analytics in Consumer Banking, IT, and experienced hires for Information Security, Risk and Compliance.

The campus offers its employees some great perks, notably a strong internal mobility program. Over the last year, 75% of the vacancies in the company were filled by internal hires. The ideal candidate out of school is someone who is eager, demonstrated leadership and involvement outside of the classroom, career changers are welcome as long as they show passion for their new path and someone who has demonstrated strong networking skills.

Outside of the work, the company boasts a philosophy of collaboration. The headquarters has specific breakout rooms for groups of employees to get together and brainstorm innovative ideas. Everywhere I turned, I saw pods of people sitting in the open and having meetings, discussing projects and connecting outside of their respective divisions.

For open positions please check Handshake and LinkedIn.

Walking trail, yoga studio, and power tools

What do all three of things things have in common? They were some of the features I saw during my visit to Grainger’s facility in Lake Forest, IL. The Grainger campus spans acres and is home to roughly 3,000 employees. The campus is expansive and has great perks for employees including: large gym, health clinic, convenience store, 3.5 mile outdoor trail, dry cleaning service, large cafeteria and an employee development center. The employee development center is home to an auditorium and classrooms where employees participate in professional development workshops and attend presentations to help them learn new skills and grow within the company.

I met with Grainger’s finance department which boasts a team of 700 employees. I met with both finance and human resources staff to get a better understanding of the roles at Grainger and how we can develop their brand on campus. In addition to the technical skills required of the analyst roles, the senior directors present at the meeting stressed that they were looking for candidates that also had soft skills. Relationship building is a key part of the role because most analysts sit on a leadership team for a project directly interacting with senior level positions. Currently there is a posting for a Senior Financial Analyst role posted on Handshake. Grainger is growing and my goal is to strengthen the partnership we have moving forward so more opportunities are available to the students.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Last month, we met with the recruiting team for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The goal of the meeting was to share insights about DePaul students and learn about the hiring needs for the bank.

It is no surprise that Big Data was a hot topic of conversation. The Data Analytics and Payment Systems team will be expanding in the upcoming year and will be looking for fresh talent. In addition, the team expressed interest in meeting with students who have computational finance experience or working towards a degree in that field, the skill set is in high demand for many departments within the organization.

In the upcoming year, we will be working closely with The Fed to bring opportunities to DePaul students through career fair attendance, informational sessions, and job postings.

And finally, what better way to the end the meeting than a visit the Money Museum where I saw a cube filled with $1 million dollars, tested my skills in spotting counterfeit bills, and took the opportunity to imagine my face on a $2 bill!


Visit to Bosch

A 3-D Printer. A motorcycle made out of saws. A jaguar sculpture made from nuts and bolts. These were a few of the cool innovations I during my visit to Bosch in May. During my visit I met with hiring managers, HR professionals, and DePaul alumuni. The site visit coupled with informal conversations allowed me to gain insight to the company and its growing needs.

A senior HR manager informed me that there is a strong need for candidates with backgrounds in Marketing and Finance. Please check Handshake for internship and full-time postings with the company.

The highlight of my trip was meeting with alums and gathering tips/advice they have for those wanting to work at Bosch.

Brian M is a 2011 MBA alum who shared that networking is key. As a career changer from finance to marketing, he had to seek networking opportunities outside of DePaul to get connected to the larger marketing community. And he wanted to debunk the stigma around working the suburbs. Many of the employees take the Metra from the city and Bosch arranges for a bus transport to the facility. He uses this time to network with colleagues that he wouldn’t normally interact with on a daily basis. It has helped him learn more about upcoming projects and initiatives.

The environment was buzzing with youthful energy and creativity throughout the different divisions of the company. Bosch is hoping to be back on campus in the fall to attend one of our career fairs.

The highlight for me? Seeing this little frog printed on a 3-D printer and be in my hands in a matter of minutes!

Bosch Frog