Stand Out From the Crowd – Prepare for Career Fairs

Over this next month, there will be 180 employers recruiting DePaul talent across 5 days of career fairs (check handshake for dates/times and registered employers of fairs:

As a career specialist, I often get asked “how do I differentiate myself from other students?”  There is no “simple” answer to this question.  Everyone is unique and offer different skillsets and talents.  However, I do recommend preparation PRIOR to attending the career fair.  You want to develop a strong elevator pitch and research companies/positions before you even set foot in the fair.  By researching the companies, you can develop great questions for the recruiters that will demonstrate your knowledge and passion to be part of their organization.  To expand on elevator pitch and research support provided from the Kellstadt CMC, please visit the MBA/MS Career Strategy Guide available on Handshake in the Resource Library.  One final recommendation, follow up with those that you meet at the fair.  Create a personalized email and send it to your fair contacts no later than 48 hours from the meeting.

The attached handout gives some quick tips on what to do before, during and after the career fair.  Good luck!

Tips for Working a Career Fair.2015


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