Why should you hire (or promote) me?

hire meI have eight years of career coaching experience to the MBA population across two institutions.  Over those years, I have encountered a variety of situations all of which have been challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Students and alumni whom are seeking a new opportunity (internally or externally) often make one pivotal mistake.  Let me share with you the importance of this missed step as it produces a HIGH ROI.  Whether they are aiming for a promotion or looking for that next position/transition, often times they jump right into the “search.”  This could involve reviewing websites, applying online, going to career fairs, networking, etc.  Where the error comes in is, neglecting to take the first step of assessing oneself.  What I mean is, spend time reflecting on your skills, abilities, strengths, values and what motivates you.  Yes, this will take time to do but I promise the ROI that you will gain if you make this your first step will pay off.  How do you expect to make a case to hire or promote you if you are not able to communicate your value add?

Knowing yourself is crucial.  Once you have a strong sense of who you are and what you have to offer, move on to the next step of understanding what is required for the roles that you are interested in (this can also be applied to the firms that you are interested in).  Being able to communicate how your skills match the role/promotion will connect the dots for the hiring committee and will demonstrate your research.  Take your candidacy to the next level with help from the Kellstadt CMC.

Here are a few ways the Kellstadt CMC can help with self-assessment:

  • Review the MBA/MS Career Strategy Guide available in the Resource Library on Handshake (https://depaul.joinhandshake.com)
  • Take CareerLeader – free for current Kellstadt students and small fee for alumni
  • Make an appointment with a Career Specialist

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