Insider’s perspective on the recruitment industry…..

As a member of the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance, I have the opportunity to participate in several discussions on best practices to support the MBA/MS population (students and alumni) as well as professional development activities.  Today, I joined a webinar hosted by the Director of MBA Career Management and Corporate Relations at University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Having 12 years of recruiting experience, she talked about the art and intricacies of the recruitment industry.  There were some takeaways that I want to share for those of you in a job search.  As she was sharing her expertise, I kept thinking about how it is valuable for job seekers to think about the process from the inside out as it is helpful in the overall timeline (and sanity part of a job search).

  • Typical recruitment cycle is 60 days (for C-level it can take up to 26 weeks/180 days)
    • Sourcing candidates: days 0-30
    • Interviews: days 20-50
    • Offers and accepts: days 50-60
    • Background checks: days 60-75
    • Takeaway: most opportunities will not provide an immediate call/email back.  The job search process takes time and remember you cannot control when (or if) they contact you for an interview.  Think of what you can control, which is your proactive follow-up.
  • Top sites to source opportunities as a job seeker
    • LinkedIn job postings – recruiters pay for this at a high price so to justify the cost of marketing they go to LinkedIn first to review candidates applications
    • – this is an aggregate site and you can receive email notifications of new opportunities based on your saved searches
    • As a plug for Kellstadt resources, you have access to our online job/internship portal at
    • Takeaway: these are the best online job boards however don’t rely just on job boards.  Similar to above, take control of your job search and do activities that are proactive vs reactive.  An example of being proactive is to reach out to your network (family, friends, coworkers, classmates, alumni, etc) and have conversations to learn more about different roles, industries and firms.  The power of a strong network will take you the furthest with your search!

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