Walking trail, yoga studio, and power tools

What do all three of things things have in common? They were some of the features I saw during my visit to Grainger’s facility in Lake Forest, IL. The Grainger campus spans acres and is home to roughly 3,000 employees. The campus is expansive and has great perks for employees including: large gym, health clinic, convenience store, 3.5 mile outdoor trail, dry cleaning service, large cafeteria and an employee development center. The employee development center is home to an auditorium and classrooms where employees participate in professional development workshops and attend presentations to help them learn new skills and grow within the company.

I met with Grainger’s finance department which boasts a team of 700 employees. I met with both finance and human resources staff to get a better understanding of the roles at Grainger and how we can develop their brand on campus. In addition to the technical skills required of the analyst roles, the senior directors present at the meeting stressed that they were looking for candidates that also had soft skills. Relationship building is a key part of the role because most analysts sit on a leadership team for a project directly interacting with senior level positions. Currently there is a posting for a Senior Financial Analyst role posted on Handshake. Grainger is growing and my goal is to strengthen the partnership we have moving forward so more opportunities are available to the students.


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