The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Last month, we met with the recruiting team for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The goal of the meeting was to share insights about DePaul students and learn about the hiring needs for the bank.

It is no surprise that Big Data was a hot topic of conversation. The Data Analytics and Payment Systems team will be expanding in the upcoming year and will be looking for fresh talent. In addition, the team expressed interest in meeting with students who have computational finance experience or working towards a degree in that field, the skill set is in high demand for many departments within the organization.

In the upcoming year, we will be working closely with The Fed to bring opportunities to DePaul students through career fair attendance, informational sessions, and job postings.

And finally, what better way to the end the meeting than a visit the Money Museum where I saw a cube filled with $1 million dollars, tested my skills in spotting counterfeit bills, and took the opportunity to imagine my face on a $2 bill!



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