Visit to Bosch

A 3-D Printer. A motorcycle made out of saws. A jaguar sculpture made from nuts and bolts. These were a few of the cool innovations I during my visit to Bosch in May. During my visit I met with hiring managers, HR professionals, and DePaul alumuni. The site visit coupled with informal conversations allowed me to gain insight to the company and its growing needs.

A senior HR manager informed me that there is a strong need for candidates with backgrounds in Marketing and Finance. Please check Handshake for internship and full-time postings with the company.

The highlight of my trip was meeting with alums and gathering tips/advice they have for those wanting to work at Bosch.

Brian M is a 2011 MBA alum who shared that networking is key. As a career changer from finance to marketing, he had to seek networking opportunities outside of DePaul to get connected to the larger marketing community. And he wanted to debunk the stigma around working the suburbs. Many of the employees take the Metra from the city and Bosch arranges for a bus transport to the facility. He uses this time to network with colleagues that he wouldn’t normally interact with on a daily basis. It has helped him learn more about upcoming projects and initiatives.

The environment was buzzing with youthful energy and creativity throughout the different divisions of the company. Bosch is hoping to be back on campus in the fall to attend one of our career fairs.

The highlight for me? Seeing this little frog printed on a 3-D printer and be in my hands in a matter of minutes!

Bosch Frog


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